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Wow. I'm so in love with this one!!! Thank you so much!


Razorbill skull in glass bauble (ornate stand not pictured)

Some wonderful bits I picked up from Dark Echoes. Two new little jars for my oddities corner (some bones and a butterfly with lavender and carnelian), a beautiful jackdaw skull and a beautiful mink skull. 


Mink skull, jackdaw skull, butterfly spell bottle, bone bottle

I love all my purchases and I’m very pleased to have discovered your beautiful work and to have had the pleasure of chatting with you personally. Good luck with the future and I’m sure I’ll be buying more!!


Crow skull in ornate frame, rib necklace, teeth necklace

Thank you so much for my tree topper, the magnificent owl pellet shadow box & the bottle of bones!


Krampus tree topper

Bloody gorgeous owlpellet artwork by Dark Echoes.


Owl pellet bone witch

Damned fine freaky stuff made by a damned fine freaky friend. x




Krampus Tree Ornament

Beautiful pieces...Creative...And full of heart...I love it..


Pet Memorial Necklaces

An amazing new piece I have gotten from Dark Echoes in the UK. I'm so excited! A collection of vintage syringes with a vial of (theatre) blood


Vintage Medical Syringes Display

This has become a bit of an obsession now..beautiful Tailed Jay butterfly and Deaths Head Hawk moth framed and preserved perfectly by the lovely Dark Echoes. Please take a look at this ladies stunning and meticulous work, giving these beautiful creatures a new lease of life for you to gaze at & admire.


Tailed Jay Butterfly and Death's Head Hawk Moth

Treated myself to this awesome curiosity piece from Dark Echoes and just love it. I have admired Esther's work for a long time, have other pieces on order with her and her ethical approach makes me adore her creations even more. For this piece she carefully dissected owl pellets she found over a couple of years and then cleaned the bones inside making this collection. What's more the owls are local to me!


Owl Pellet Bone Vial

This beautiful Vestalis Luctuosa Damselfly has just made me very happy. When Esther from Dark Echoes first posted about her I knew I wanted to give her a home and today she arrived. She'll live next to my bees on my entomology/curiosity shelf that is now nicely growing thanks to Esther and her most awesome ethical art


Damselfly Display (Vestalis Luctuosa)
Damselfly Display (Vestalis Luctuosa)

How BEAUTIFUL are my 2 new pieces from Dark Echoes! Absolutely stunning, I'm so happy with them!


Papilio Rumanzovia Frame and Crow Skull in Coffin
Papilio Rumanzovia Frame and Crow Skull in Coffin

I ordered a framed crows foot and it is perfect, everything from the ornate frame to the dried flowers, just beautiful. Fast delivery and fantastic customer service.


Ornate Crow Foot Frame
Ornate Crow Foot Frame

Beautiful pieces made by a beautiful person.