Do you combine shipping when I buy multiple items?

Yes I do. However, the website doesn't automatically combine postage, and charges the full price. But of course I will refund you the excess postage costs!

Do you ship bone art and bone jewellery outside the UK?

 I can ship outside the UK but there will be additional shipping charges or sometimes, custom charges. BUT it is your responsibility to check your import laws, if your item is confiscated or destroyed by your customs, I WILL NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, AND I WILL NOT REFUND. By purchasing items from me you are accepting that you are taking responsibility for importation of the goods and have made sure that the items can be imported into your country and/or state. 

Customs may also add a tax and/or fee to your parcel that you have to pay before delivery, this is a tax added by YOUR government and cannot be predicted by myself, and cannot be paid by me. 

Where do you get your bones and remains from?

The bones and remains I get, I find myself in the woods (if the weather permits me going!), roadkill, and from trusted sellers and taxidermists I've got to know through the years. Sometimes people give them to me as they find bones themselves! I never ever get them from (trophy) hunters, poachers or gamekeepers as I am strictly against this. I'm a huge aminal lover and respect all animals, even after they have lived.

What happens if my order gets lost in the post? 

This hardly ever happens but it always can occur. I always send signed and tracked, this way I can keep an eye on things and I will be able to refund when an order got lost.

What happens if my item arrives damaged?

I will refund if the item is damaged upon arrival, and I would need a photo as proof. 

Do you pay for any customs and import taxes? 

The buyer is responsible for any acustoms and import taxes, Dark EChoes  is not responsible for delays due to customs.

Can I contact you with any other questions or concerns?

Of course you can and please do if there is something not clear. You can contact me by email: [email protected] or you can use the contact option on the website. You can also contact me on social media in a message.