Do you combine shipping when I buy multiple items?

Postage within the UK is free. For orders abroad, Yes we do. However, the website doesn't automatically combine postage, and charges the full price. But of course we will refund you the excess postage costs!

Do you ship bone art and bone jewellery outside the UK?

 We can ship outside the UK but there will be shipping charges or sometimes, additional custom charges. However it is your responsibility to check your import laws, if your item is confiscated or destroyed by your customs, We WILL NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, AND we WILL NOT REFUND in this case. By purchasing items from us you are accepting that you are taking responsibility for importation of the goods and have made sure that the items can be imported into your country and/or state. 

Customs may also add a tax and/or fee to your parcel that you have to pay before delivery, this is a tax added by YOUR government and cannot be predicted by myself, and cannot be paid by us. 

Where do you get your bones and remains from?

The bones and remains we get, we find ourselves in the woods and clean ourselves, roadkill, and from trusted sources and taxidermists we've got to know through the years. Sometimes people give them to us as they find bones themselves! We never ever get them from (trophy) hunters, poachers or gamekeepers as we are strictly against this.  We are huge aminal lovers and respect all animals, even after they have lived.  You can find more info by clicking the "ethics" tab.

Can you reveal me one of your secrets on making certain things?

A question I get asked a lot. The answer is no sorry, I don't reveal any secrets. I can let you know that I learned everything you see myself. It took me years of self teaching, research, patience, failing and succeeding without having an educational art background. I love to learn new things and am proud to show what I've achieved. 

How long does a custom order/commision take and how to pay?

This depends on what we have in stock. Sometimes it can take weeks to find particular bones, skulls or insects. The cleaning and drying processes vary as well.  Sometimes frames, domes or other supplies have to be obtained and that takes time too.  All this taking into considerartion a custom order may take 2-4 weeks. 

Commission pieces now require full payment up front. this is to cover costs of additional supplies to be purchased. We keep in contact with the progress and send photos once a piece is finished. When both parties are happy, the custom piece will then be carefully packed and sent. Note that No item will ever be shipped until full payment has been made. 

‚ÄčWhat happens if my order gets lost in the post? 

This hardly ever happens but it always can occur. we always send signed and tracked and provide you with a tracking number. this way we can keep an eye on things and we will be able to refund when an order got lost.

Will you be able to hold items until I get paid?

We will no longer hold items until paydays, etc. It is costing us too much time and money to do so, and it isn't fair to others. All products ordered in the shop will be posted after payment, the same counts for custom orders. However, if we attend an event near you, we can always hold it for you after you have paid for the item, and you can pick it up at our stall.

What happens if my item arrives damaged?

We will refund if the item is damaged upon arrival, however we will need photographic evidence. 

Do you pay for any customs and import taxes? 

The buyer is responsible for any customs and import taxes, Dark Echoes  is not responsible for delays due to customs.

Can I contact you with any other questions or concerns?

Of course you can and please do if there is something not clear. You can contact us by email: [email protected] or you can use the contact option on the website. You can also contact us on social media in a message.