Attacus Atlas moth

About Dark Echoes oddities

My name is Esther and I am running Dark Echoes Oddities since 2018. My love of all things creepy, morbid and macabre started from a young age. I have always been fascinated by life, death and art. I am self taught without any art degrees and continue to teach myself new things and techniques in lots of ways every day. Whatever idea is in my head, I try my best to make it visible. At events you'll meet my husband too, who takes me and Dark Echoes Oddities on the road. When we're not on the road we live in the magical town of Whitby, together with our 7 lovely tarantulas and scorpion. 

I have studied Level 3 Entomology which I am certified for and am specialising in Lepidopterology, the study of butterflies and moths which I am already doing in practice in my spare time. During Spring-I have been rearing deadheads hawk moths as I am intrigued with their life cycles and how they develop from beginning to end. I let them live their full natural life cycle without cutting it short. When the end has been reached, that's where Dark Echoes Oddities comes in. 

I see the beauty in death, and love expressing that in my art. My items have a dark Gothic and Victorian twist, as I am fascinated by these interesting and inspirational time eras. Getting inspiration for me can happen at any moment of the day. 

This website will have a range of a lot of different handmade products, I create entomology art, bone creations and love upcycling objects. No matter what, what you will see here is unique, the remains are locally, responsibly and ethically collected and sourced.