About Dark Echoes

My name is Esther and I am running Dark Echoes solo since 2018. My love of all things creepy, morbid and macabre started from a young age. I have always been fascinated by life, death and art. I am self taught without any art degrees and continue to teach myself new things and techniques in lots of ways every day. Whatever idea is in my head, I try my best to make it visible. At events you'll meet my husband too, who takes me and Dark Echoes on the road.

I see the beauty in death, and love expressing that in my art. My items have a Gothic and Victorian twist, as I am fascinated by these interesting and inspiratonal time eras. Getting inspiration for me can happen at any moment of the day. 

This website will have a range of a lot of different handmade products, I create bone art, entomology art and love upcycling objects. No matter what, what you will see here is unique, locally, responsibly and ethically sourced.