*Custom Orders Closed until further notice*

Do you have this wonderful idea in your head for a Birthday, Christmas, Halloween or just want to treat yourself to something special? I also create custom orders and commissions. Even though customers would love to work our "magic", I find the customer's input most important. My magic might not be necessarily yours!

If you have a specific idea, please be as clear as possible. Describe it the best you can, what colours and materials you want us to use in a piece. You can even draw it on a piece of paper and send it in an e-mail.

Requesting a custom order or commission comes on a first come first served basis and can be requested by e-mail. I don't accept social media messages anymore as they will easily get lost. My email address is: [email protected].

Note that I don't allow requests involving unetically sourced products such as bats, endangered species and/or trophy taxidermy. 

Commission pieces and custom orders now require 50% payment of the total price up front. This is to cover costs of additional supplies to be purchased. I will start working when the 50% has been paid and I keep in contact with the progress. I will send photos once a piece is finished. When both parties are happy, the custom piece will then be carefully packed and sent. Please keep in mind that no item will ever be shipped until full payment has been made. 



This depends on what I have in stock. Sometimes it can take weeks to find particular bones, skulls or insects. The cleaning and drying processes vary as well.  Sometimes frames, domes or other supplies have to be obtained and that takes time too.  Butterflies and insects need to be rehydrated and set. All this taking into consideration a custom order may take 2-6 weeks. 


Please keep in mind that I will start working on your piece when the first 50% of the payment has been made.