Beauty In Death

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A lot of people ask me where I get the animal remains from that I work with. When the weather permits it, me and my husband go to the woods. This is where we find most of it. Anything from an owl pellet to a large leg jaw bone comes home with us and no bone, no matter how big or small it is, gets wasted. I also find my bones and skulls from trusted suppliers or people give them to me. Unfortunately a lot of them are victims of roadkill, power lines, or fell prey to nature’s predators. I believe in giving remains a second chance and I try to create something beautiful out of it. I macerate, sterilize, carefully clean and whiten the bones and skulls before getting them ready to display.
I never, EVER deal with (trophy) hunters, game keepers and animal abusers to get the remains and thoroughly do my research first before I get anything. I am a huge animal lover and believe in giving deceased animals a second life, if you will.
You also will never hear me claim the “cruelty free” thing. Most of the animals don’t have a peaceful death, even though some die from old age. In my opinion a death in the wild isn’t cruelty free. Roadkill isn’t, getting hit by a power line isn’t either. Accidents never happen in a peaceful manner. So you will never hear me say that my art is “cruelty free”. Ethically sourced, yes. I don’t go out killing animals. I find their remains, I respect them, big and small. I’m a huge animal lover.
I am always happy to answer any other questions, please send me a message. :)

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