Welcome To Dark Echoes!

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Welcome to Dark Echoes, a weird and wonderful emporium of oddities, nature's curiosities and dark art, created by myself, Esther Hunter.

I've been making different sorts of art since 3 years under the name Magick Willow Designs. I've learned a lot in these 3 years and after making all different things I finally found my true calling this in what I want to make. It was time for a change and I've decided to renew my image. Magick Willow Designs has now evolved into Dark Echoes.

Dark Echoes also has another Instagram and Facebook page: 
Facebook: darkechoesodditiesboutique
Instagram: dark_echoes_oddities

It would be great if my current followers and customers come with me on this new journey and I also look forward to meeting new followers along the way when I'm out trading at events!

Thanks for your support! 


- Esther Hunter